Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's day honey!

I am sitting on the couch with my wonderful husband watching the U.S Open and it dawns on me... "hey, it might be a good time to check that blog I used to write". I can't believe there are actually people that still read it! Well, probably just my mom and maybe my mother in-law, hi moms!

It is no secret that life in the Wingfield household has been a little busy. That is due to the birth of our beautiful little Benjamin. He was born on May 28th at 12:57pm after a quick but insane, out of this world, crazy painful labor. I'll save the whole story for another post. But he is here, healthy and wonderful.

Stella is adjusting like any other two year old would. She is very sweet at times and very devious at times. She once decided to give him a little nibble on his foot. OK, let's just be real here, she chomped on his foot and he screamed his head off. A little traumatic but a quick introduction to life with two kids. Siblings. That, I'm sure was just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to brother and sister altercations.

Just like with Stella, Mike stepped up as an all star Dad. We were lucky enough to have him home for two weeks while we bonded with our newest family member. He mostly looked after Stella and gave her all the attention her little heart desired. He is back at work now and I am happy to say we are doing quite well. I have managed to get out with both of the kids on several occasions. I even went shopping, which went surprisingly well. Ben is nursing well and packing on the lbs.

I'll end this post by saying Happy Father's day to my husband. Our kids are so lucky to have you and you have exceeded my hopes and expectations as a father to our children. I love you!!