Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carbohydrate Heaven

Isn't stress kinda crazy? It really does wacky things to your body. Usually if I am stressed I break out with a lovely cold sore. As I've gotten older they only get bigger and more painful, it's really sucky. Stress will weaken my immune system and I end up with a cold, or I just feel tired and lazy. Lately I have been under a significant amount of stress and I find myself eating horribly. Nothing fresh or healthy, just carbs, sugar and fats. I did have an apple slice today but that was probably the only remotely healthy thing I've eaten in about a week and a half. I'm not a super healthy eater but I do really try to maintain a balanced diet. I always struggle to get as many fruits and veggies in as a should but overall I eat decent.

Unfortunately it is the scale that brought the stress eating to my attention. I knew I wasn't eating great but when I went to the doctor Tuesday and stepped on the scale I realized I have gained almost 5 lbs! That may not be a huge deal to some people but for someone my size its noticeable and it goes straight to my gut! If I were going to be over weight in my old age I would be like one of those old ladies you see with chicken legs and a giant belly. I don't know why but that is just where my fat likes to hang out.

Now the hard part: stopping! Now that I have recognized what I've been doing, and think back in horror about the absolute garbage I've been eating, I have to do something about it. Stupid.

I have had to break out of ruts before but I don't enjoy it and I like to complain about it. Well, I like to complain about a lot of stuff. Anyhow, I'm not going to make a plan because It will stress me out even more if I don't follow through. My hope is that now that I can't unconsciously eat and eat and over eat, I will start making better choices like I usually do. Time will tell...and so will my waist line.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Yoga buzz

I took a break from my yoga practice due to a bizarre numbness I was having in the left side of my face and body. After two weeks the strange numbness has disappeared and I am definitely feeling the need to get my om on. Yesterday I was finally able to attend a class called twisted bliss and let me tell you, that is exactly what it was. We twisted, stretched, sighed and relaxed. It was awesome! Not every yoga class is created equal and there are definitely ones I prefer over others (the same can go for teachers). But, thankfully, yesterdays class provided me with a much needed yoga buzz. I don't always feel this way after a class but when I do have an excellent practice I am rewarded with a feeling I can only describe as buzzed. I am happy, VERY relaxed and just plain high on life. I know yoga is not everyone's "thing" but everyone should find something that makes them feel this good. Namaste:)