Saturday, January 29, 2011


When babies start eating solids there is a brief period of time when its fun to feed them. Any first in the life of a baby is exciting but for me the fun in feeding my kids baby food wears off fast. Especially when they won't eat, then it's just annoying. Benjamin still gets the majority of his calories from breast milk so I don't worry when he doesn't eat much. All you have to do is look at the kid to see he's not starving.

Although I'm not too worried about his calories I am a little concerned about his regularity. Poor guy is a little backed up these days. I try to give him juice and water to soften things up but he hardly ever has a bottle and is not really interested in drinking it. He is not a big fan of prunes either. I can't say I blame him. So its quite frustrating when I'm trying to feed him and he clamps his mouth shut like a steel trap. I've even tried to wiggle the spoon in using gentle force but when he's done, he's done. Today I was doing my best to coax him into eating but he just wasn't having it. He pressed his lips together in protest and even shook his had back and forth. He can't even talk and his first word is still NO! He's only eight months old and already the little turkey is saying "No mommy, get that crap outta my face, I'm not gonna eat it!". You should see him stare at me straight-faced, almost taunting me like "What are you gonna do about it Mom?".

What a little PITA.

PITA is the nick name we gave Stella as a baby. It stands for Pain In The Ass. I know, we're horrible, you don't need to tell me that. We had plenty of sweet and endearing names for her too but PITA was reserved for when she was being, well...a PITA. We just like to keep it real around here. I didn't think Ben would ever earn the nickname because he is what we call our "easy baby", if there really is such a thing. But he was being a defiant little bugger today and earned himself the title.

Friday, January 28, 2011

BFF's: Healthy eating and Exercise

It seems like such a simple concept, eat healthy and exercise. It's also common knowledge that you really don't get good results, inside or out, unless you do both. But something dawned on me while I was eating taquitos, followed by a slice of apple pie, and watching Rachel Ray talk about healthy eating on the Dr. Oz show. There is no way I can personally eat right unless I exercise too. It's not just about the end result it's about the whole thought process behind eating and exercise. Are you saying "well duh" yet? You should be! This is so simple, exercise and be active and you will WANT to eat better. Who wants to eat McDonalds after their yoga class? Uh, not me. You want to fight cravings? EXERCISE! It really cuts down on the cookie's I shove in my pie hole all week. Or in this particular week, actual pie. I bought an apple pie because it was on sale, and guess who is the only one eating it? Me! TGIF because I need Monday to come real quick so I can get back on track. The beginning of the week is always the best time to start something new, that's just good sense, and I need to finish my pie.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A whole new light

I see so many mommy blogs about losing your sanity and desperately needing coffee, both of which I can totally relate to. But I think I'm starting to see life as a mom of two in a whole new light. Its not so crazy here. Don't get me wrong, potty training Stella after just bringing home a brand new baby almost pushed me over the edge, but I think I may be back from the brink! Ben will be eight months old tomorrow and I don't know, everything just feels more...manageable. We still have the occasional bad day but Stella is maturing so much (this really is true if I ignore the out of control fit she threw at the grocery store yesterday). She behaves much more like the sweet little girl she is rather than a grunting, wild animal.

I feel like I have a new perspective and I am really trying to embrace the saying "don't sweat the small stuff". There is just no time, nor do I want to make time for that. It's not like I never stress or worry but I just don't feel so defeated by things that are often not even in my control. I'm sure if you ask Mike he will say I'm a total worrier but I have to make up for his laissez-faire attitude. He is the king of "it will work out". Ya buddy, after I work it out! (love you honey:)

I got laid off a couple weeks ago, not an uncommon thing in this economy. I was only working a couple of shifts a month at the restaurant but the extra money really made things more comfortable. This is just another hick up I have no control over, so I'll have to roll with it. Plus I feel pretty confident that I can never get fired from my real job, being a mother. They may want to fire me sometimes but too bad so sad Wingfields, mommy is tenured for life!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Breakfast, lunch and dinner


I could eat this boy up all day long! And let me tell you those cheeks are the sweetest! Benjamin Michael weighs a mere 21 lbs and will be eight months on friday...EIGHT MONTHS!! I can't believe it and it is so true what they say about the second flying by even faster than the first. He has already had his first holiday season and before I blink we will be planning his first birthday. My little Ben is such a joy and he loves his big sister and she loves him. What more could you ask for!
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Growing fast


Stella's third birthday and we successfully sang to her with no tears! My little girl is growing up!
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