Monday, May 11, 2009

My little Vampire

I just let out a big sigh because, yes, I still have a biter!!! I am holding on to my patience by a very thin thread. Almost every time I take something from Stella or or tell her no she tries to bite me! It takes all I have to keep from losing it completely. I quit trying to squeeze her hand because that was a joke to her. I advanced to squeezing her fat little cheeks hoping she might make the connection but nooooooo. She actually tries to bite me again after I squeeze her cheeks; its so exhausting. I still don't feel right about biting her back, even though so many say it works, I'm not ready to give up. She will learn dang it, I will teach her! My next move is the time out. She doesn't really get it yet but I am not giving up. The most frustrating thing is that she doesn't really bite Mike. He walked hand in hand with her down the sidewalk and there was no biting. Why does she feel the need to bite me? Ugh, the saga continues.

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