Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello Again

Time flies when you are growing a human! I meant to post yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and...well you get the picture. I have been buried with overwhelming thoughts of "holy crap, I am going to have TWO kids in just a few short months". I have a to-do list a mile long and the little things I get done during the week aren't that comforting. I need to see some serious progress!

The biggest weight on my shoulders right now is the baby's room. We have been using our third bedroom as an office/guest bedroom/catch-all for anything and everything. There isn't to much to to clear out of there but the problem is finding a place to put it. We don't have a whole lot of storage at our house. I am finally going to nail Mike's butt to the wall and get him to spend an hour working in there with me. I think I will feel better after that.

I am loving the extra hour of daylight and the warmer weather we are having right now. We got out Stella's water table yesterday and she had a blast, she got totally soaked of course. It's not quite warm enough for a bathing suit so we had to strip her down when she was done. I am excited for her to wear this sundress I made her. Yes, that's right I actually sewed a dress! I had my Moms help of course but I did all the sewing myself. It turned out so cute and I'm very proud of myself. I bought more fabric to make another one because it turned out so cute, now if only I could find the time to make it! Hope it's warm and sunny where ever you are!

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