Monday, March 29, 2010

This roller coaster called parenthood...

It has become very apparent to me that parenthood is all about moments. Each day we wake up with endless possibilities of how the day will go. Most of the time Stella is sweet with intermittent toddler moments throughout the day.

We all know what toddler moments are right? I don't like to use the phrase "terrible two's", I prefer "toddler moment". Feel free to use that if you like, its kinda catchy.

Last Friday night was a perfect example of how life with a child is made up of moments and you need to enjoy the good ones while they last. I mean REALLY soak up those good ones.

So, last Friday we had just gotten home from the grocery store, not one of Stella's favorite things but she does okay. Mike doesn't get home till around 6-6:30 so it is usually up to me to keep Stella busy while I try to get dinner together. Not every night, but many nights this is quite a challenge because she usually ends up attached to my leg whining "mommy, want mommy", and pushing between me and the counter.

On this particular night though she was an absolute angel! She played by herself for at least 30 minutes, she was totally entertained. She didn't even come into the kitchen and whine one time. It was awesome. I even sent Mike a text message to let him know what good little girl he was coming home to. Unfortunately I think that text may have jinxed the good mood because all hell broke loose during dinner.

Stella, my sweet little angel that played so well so that mommy could fix dinner, had the tantrum of all tantrums. There was screaming, tears and timeouts. It was like Satan himself had come and possessed my child. I couldn't believe how we could go from the most pleasant evening to a complete disaster at lightening speed.

Stella is what you would call a strong willed child. A little birdie told me that my father in-law said she didn't stand a chance with who she has for parents. He couldn't be more right. Mike and I aren't exactly easy going people. In fact, before we had heard he said that we said the very same thing ourselves just the day before! I guess it's no secret there are some bold personalities in our family.

Now I just try to be prepared for a day filled with all kinds of moments. Those moments can be sad, funny, scary, irritating, peaceful, stressful or sweet. You just never know. When those good moments occur I will thoroughly enjoy them and then brace myself for the next loop in the roller coaster. Aahhh, so life goes.

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