Saturday, September 25, 2010

Health and Safety Faire

Stella and I went on her first field trip yesterday to the health and safety faire. Strange as it sounds, I was really excited about it. So far I am absolutely adoring the whole preschool experience. It is so fun to see Stella so excited about going to school each morning. Every time we go she ditches me at the door without even turning to say goodbye. She can't get in there fast enough to see what everyone is doing. She can be a little nuts-o when I pick her up. Last Thursday she started rolling around on the floor in the cubby room where all the parents pick up the kids. It was a little embarrassing to have to pry her silly little self off the floor but oh well, she is still a two year old.

The faire was unfortunately not the experience that I was hoping for but it was definitely not the first time I've been disappointed trying to do something fun with Stella. It was a lot bigger than I was expecting and we really didn't even hang out with people from her school except for lunch. Even in a good mood, making Stella wait in a line for 30 minutes is not a good idea. But this day she was a bit cranky and she didn't understand why we couldn't just walk up to the fire truck and get in. After we waited in line she got to sit in the truck for enough time to take a quick look and a picture. You can see below that didn't go over very well.

Overall she got to walk through an ambulance, hop in and out of a fire truck, make a bracelet, take a train ride and have a picnic lunch with her preschool teachers. Not the best field trip ever but it was mildly enjoyable. I'm hoping the pumpkin patch next month will be better. Have you ever seen anyone where a red plastic hat so well?

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