Thursday, January 27, 2011

A whole new light

I see so many mommy blogs about losing your sanity and desperately needing coffee, both of which I can totally relate to. But I think I'm starting to see life as a mom of two in a whole new light. Its not so crazy here. Don't get me wrong, potty training Stella after just bringing home a brand new baby almost pushed me over the edge, but I think I may be back from the brink! Ben will be eight months old tomorrow and I don't know, everything just feels more...manageable. We still have the occasional bad day but Stella is maturing so much (this really is true if I ignore the out of control fit she threw at the grocery store yesterday). She behaves much more like the sweet little girl she is rather than a grunting, wild animal.

I feel like I have a new perspective and I am really trying to embrace the saying "don't sweat the small stuff". There is just no time, nor do I want to make time for that. It's not like I never stress or worry but I just don't feel so defeated by things that are often not even in my control. I'm sure if you ask Mike he will say I'm a total worrier but I have to make up for his laissez-faire attitude. He is the king of "it will work out". Ya buddy, after I work it out! (love you honey:)

I got laid off a couple weeks ago, not an uncommon thing in this economy. I was only working a couple of shifts a month at the restaurant but the extra money really made things more comfortable. This is just another hick up I have no control over, so I'll have to roll with it. Plus I feel pretty confident that I can never get fired from my real job, being a mother. They may want to fire me sometimes but too bad so sad Wingfields, mommy is tenured for life!

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