Friday, January 28, 2011

BFF's: Healthy eating and Exercise

It seems like such a simple concept, eat healthy and exercise. It's also common knowledge that you really don't get good results, inside or out, unless you do both. But something dawned on me while I was eating taquitos, followed by a slice of apple pie, and watching Rachel Ray talk about healthy eating on the Dr. Oz show. There is no way I can personally eat right unless I exercise too. It's not just about the end result it's about the whole thought process behind eating and exercise. Are you saying "well duh" yet? You should be! This is so simple, exercise and be active and you will WANT to eat better. Who wants to eat McDonalds after their yoga class? Uh, not me. You want to fight cravings? EXERCISE! It really cuts down on the cookie's I shove in my pie hole all week. Or in this particular week, actual pie. I bought an apple pie because it was on sale, and guess who is the only one eating it? Me! TGIF because I need Monday to come real quick so I can get back on track. The beginning of the week is always the best time to start something new, that's just good sense, and I need to finish my pie.

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  1. Oh my goodness I hear ya girl! Anthony Robbins says when we eat for comfort we are just trying to "change our current state". I think it's just like what you're saying. Once we exercise, we've changed our state of being to feeling more positive, and positivity attracts. Suddenly the foods that are good for us look more attractive. Good stuff girl! Keep it up!!