Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Playground patience

It is so fun to take Stella to the playground now that she is walking. She absolutely loves it and runs from one thing to the next the whole time we are there. Yesterday I went to the mall with Stella, my mom and niece. The mall in my area is great because it has two inside play areas that are rubbery and soft, so they are pretty safe for a stumbling toddler. One of the areas is supposed to be for babies, toddlers and preschoolers; at least that is what the monkey says at the entrance. Well yesterday there were quite a few kids in there that I'm pretty sure were none of the above. We were having a great time at first, Stella was bouncing around as usual. After a while it got a little chaotic with larger kids running everywhere, and not at all concerned about knocking over little ones. I could feel the anxiety building up every time another kid bumped, stepped on or raced past Stella. I thought to myself, "they are just kids, have some patience". How crappy is that though! I have to have patience all day with Stella and now I have to have patience for other people's kids too, ugh.

Stella made her way to the slide and was slowly climbing up to enjoy her little ride, so cute. After about the fourth kid walking over her I started to get frustrated. Where the heck were the parents? Most were sitting around chatting or staring off into space. Umm, hello? Come get your kid, he is blocking the slide and there is a line of about fifteen other kids behind him! Lets pay attention here folks! Even though Stella didn't seem to be bothered, I guess I didn't have enough patience for the playground that day. Next time I will remember to practice my relaxation breathing before entering a mall playground, geesh.

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