Friday, January 29, 2010

Toddler strikes again

Anyone remember my little vampire? Well she is back. Only this time she has almost a full mouth of tiny and very sharp little teeth. I really wish this whole teething process would end soon. She still has about 7 teeth to go, I think. She doesn't get that fussy which is a plus but she is definitely biting again. She has bit me twice in the last week so hard that she broke the skin. Tonight she thought she'd take a little chomp and I couldn't help but yell out a little profanity. I try to watch my language around her because she is a total parrot these days. But after this unexpected shock of pain to my shoulder I yelled out "s**t"! Followed by "that freakin hurt"! Both she repeated multiple times. Mike was sitting with us during the whole fiasco and we both had to contain our laughter. Of course I don't want my sweet little daughter cursing but why is it so funny to hear a little person say such naughty words? I would feel a little bad if she hadn't bit the heck out of me but I think I get a free pass on this one.

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  1. It is a little scary how much they copy what we say. I never realized how much I say "crap" until Josiah started saying it! :)