Thursday, February 11, 2010

Car trouble

I spent about two hours this morning trying to get my car fixed. I will spare you the boring details about the car and no, it's not completely fixed. We called the dealership and someone said they can fix it quickly, like fifteen minutes. So I brush my teeth and hair, throw on some tennis shoes and load Stella into the car. I am in exercise pants and a sweatshirt and Stella is still in her jammies. We weren't looking super cute but it was supposed to be quick.

Of course, it was not quick. Luckily they had this play room so I didn't have to entertain Stella the whole time but yuckidy, yuck. I tried to wipe off most of what she was playing with because it was covered in a layer of grime. I'm not exaggerating. Everything looked like it had been in the garage sitting in an oil puddle. I'm really not a germa-phobe mom but this was just gross. On the bright side, I was really impressed with how well Stella did. You never know with that kid! She was a doll up until the very end when she started saying "home, home, home". So cute.

I was really prepared though. I bought myself a new diaper bag recently and I didn't skimp on it. Mike thinks I'm ridiculous for how much I spent on it but it was my birthday money and it's something I use everyday. I wanted something a little more functional than what I'd used with Stella and it had to be roomy enough for two kids. I am very happy with my purchase. The print is very cute and colorful and I just love all the pockets. Get this...I even get my own pocket. Yes ladies, you heard my right, my very own pocket! Isn't that the life of a mom? The kids get the entire bag for their stuff and I get a pocket. Oh well, I like my pocket.


  1. Help! Who makes that bag? I'm in need of somthing functional as well. lori at

  2. The bag is made by ju ju be. Its the packabe bag and it comes in tons of other prints.