Friday, February 5, 2010

Make up your mind baby

We have had two ultrasounds in the last two weeks. The first one, done by the doctor, was supposedly a girl. Now we've had the official ultrasound and it's looking more like a boy. The uncertainty is driving me nuts, I really want to know! Now I'm getting excited about a boy but with a huge cloud of doubt over it. Why couldn't the kid just spread its legs and show us the goods? It was being a total prude and even crossing its ankles for a while. Sure, a surprise would be fun, if I was good at waiting. But I AM NOT good at waiting!

This baby is causing me a whole lot of craziness and it's not even born yet. I have done some embarrassingly stupid things in the last few weeks and I totally blame the pregnancy. Some people think there is truth in this pregnancy "side effect" and others think it is a myth but I am here to tell you pregnancy is like being mentally challenged. I don't really feel like sharing the specifics of my idiocy but lets just say it hasn't been pretty. It has brought me to tears multiple times and I just keep praying for my brain to return to my head very soon.

On a positive note Stella has conquered her fear of the big bathtub. She had the kind of fear that caused full on crying, screaming fits. It has been quite a while since I've tried to put her in there because the last time was so sad and traumatizing. Who knew all it would take was a little time and a really fun looking Little Mermaid bath toy. She got the toy from my sister in-law for her birthday and I have been telling her she can have it only in the big girl bathtub. Stella has been taking it out of the closet and bringing it to me to open for weeks. So I finally put it in the tub and it worked! She saw the sparkly teal castle in the bathtub full of bubbles and couldn't wait to get in.

Little things end up being big accomplishments in my household. Next thing to tackle...potty training! Wish me luck.

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