Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eggs vs. Eggo's

Stella has recently started sleeping in lately and let me tell you how wonderful it is not to get up at the butt crack of dawn. For a long time we would stumble out of bed half asleep and lay on the couch and watch cartoons. It's really hard to feel awake and ready to start the day when it's pitch black outside. So our routine was cartoons on the couch, with a small bowl of Cheerios and a cup of milk for Stella. I'm not really into cooking breakfast at 5:30 or 6am.

7am is a much more functional hour. Since we are both awake at this time, we haven't been following our noraml routine. This is good because it cuts out a little T.V. time. Another bonus with this change in wake-up call is that Stella is hungry! We have been skipping the Cheerios and by the time we get breakfast going she is starving.

Hungry is helpful when all I hear every morning is "waffle, waffle, waffle". The girl is addicted to Eggo's. It is rare I get her to eat something that's not on her 5item menu . What I would like her to eat though is eggs. She has a bizarre love/hate relationship with them. One day she will eat them and I think great, something we can add to the menu. Then when I try again it's like I just gave her poison. She yells "don't want it, don't want it"! And she cries. Really? Do we really need to cry over scrambled eggs?

Yesterday I decided to give it another try. It had been a couple weeks since I'd cooked eggs for her and I could tell she was really hungry. I put the eggs on her tray and walked away. She stared at them for a second and then just started inhaling them! She even said "yummy". I wanted to do the "I told you so" song and dance but I figured her eating the eggs was victory enough. So moms, if you want your kids to eat, just starve them! Next on the menu for breakfast: spinach. Or is that pushing it?

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