Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love tank on full

If you've read my blog before you know that I am pretty honest about my little Stella. I know I share a lot of craziness about her because, well, life with her can be a little nuts. She is my little Crunch'n'Munch, the perfect blend of salty and sweet. Although lately it seems as if we have been sitting in the bottom of the box where all the salt has settled. Her behavior has been that of an insane person with her mood all over the place. Many times she has left me speechless, not knowing how to react.

She was sick for a few days and the amount of drool pouring out of her mouth tells me she is probably getting some new teeth. She also wasn't sleeping well and we have been trying to get her rested and back on schedule for about a week.

Basically what I've been dealing with is a child that I am unable to please. I'm sure I could have offered her an ice cream sundae and she would have screamed at me. She likes to answer any question with a scream, it's lovely. Needless to say she has been grumpy and exhausted so therefore Mommy has been grumpy and exhausted. I try to be understanding of her pain and frustration but I have been desperate for the light at the end of this tantrum tunnel.

Today, however, was like opening a fresh box of Crunch'n'Munch. In other words we had a fabulous day. Today she was pleasant, funny and absolutely sweet. She even sang! Stella does not sing. She also went on the swing at the park and Stella hates the swing. What kid hates the swing? Uhh, mine does. But apparently not today!

Even if the cranky and unruly Stella came back tomorrow it wouldn't matter. Today she filled my love tank so full. I feel like I could handle whatever she throws at me. As long as it isn't anything from her diaper, I've had my fill of that. Another thing I realized today is that just because she is acting like an obnoxious, out of control, lunatic, doesn't mean I have to too. Is it bad that I'm just now figuring that out? Don't answer that.

Thank God for today, we needed it. I'm sure it felt just as good to her as it did to me.

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