Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreaded chores

Like many of you I am not a big fan of laundry. I am also not that keen on washing dishes. But the chore I am really learning to despise is grocery shopping. It has become a huge pain in my... you know what.

I try to find the store with the best prices but then they don't have all the items that I need. Am I ever going to be able to shop at just one store? Unfortunately, I am finding the answer to that question is no. I fought it for so long because it is really inconvenient to try and go to multiple stores with a 2 year old. She can only take so much time sitting in a grocery cart. Plus I have to feed her almost the whole time just to keep her happy, not so great for her diet but sometimes you do what works.

I think one of my biggest issues is probably organization. I bought this really cool little organizer for coupons to try and save money. I filled it and have every intention of using it, I really do! I should probably make a better effort to go online for coupons too. I've done it before but it's not a regular "to do" of mine.

I also struggle with planning ahead. I make a list right before I leave for the store and it usually gets me by but I'm sure I can do better. It's more challenging than you'd think though because I have a couple of picky eaters. Mike doesn't think he's picky, but he kinda is. For example, I have to go to Safeway just for the kind of cottage cheese he likes. No other brand in any other store has the right kind, they are ALL disgusting except this one particular brand. I'm not a huge connoisseur of the stuff but that seems a little picky to me.

Sorry to throw you under the bus honey and, yes, I looked up how to spell connoisseur.

Plus, it's really hard to come up with meals for the week that are some what quick, delicious and nutritious. I just can't seem to manage all three all the time. I have to be tricky about the nutritious part because some people have issues with low fat substitutions. Say, ground turkey for example. I won't name any names though.

I must end this continuing saga of me and the grocery shopping. It's time to suck it up and figure something out! I am going to try and balance the pain of having to shop at multiple stores with shopping less. I have never tried to shop for two weeks before but I think it might be time to give it a go. This is going to take some serious preparation and planning on my part. But maybe, just maybe, the trade of not having to shop as often will be worth the extra effort.

I know this might seem a little trivial to gripe about but, hey, this is my life as a SAHM and these are my problems. Potty training, keeping a toddler happy and now grocery shopping. They are right up there with world peace.


  1. You are doing a great job! Eventually you get a system going - for me it was chile dogs on saturday afternoon, pineapple chicken once a week ( I can't stand to look at it anymore!) Some kind of pasta dish and always taco's. It is our lifelong job - because we have to eat everyday! Just remember, Eve gave Adam the apple because she wanted him to have good fiber! robyn

  2. I'm right there with you Rita! For some reason I've been feeling like a complete failure at grocery shopping lately, which sounds ridiculous because how hard can it be?? My problem is that in Yuba City, there aren't many choices--Bel Air or Win-Co/Food Max type of stores. The meat and produce is better at Bel Air, but I can't get out of that store without spending at least $75 on what seems like very few items. I've got my coupons, I try to make my list, I don't buy junk and snacks, but groceries eat up a huge part of our budget--and that is the life of a SAHM. I'm still grappling with my new job and this new identity. And now we're both throwing another little person into the mix soon--yikes!